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Got the mat, ruler and cutter

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Okay Guys - I bought the self healing mat, cutter, and ruler came with it. I want to cut some tapered bands. Now I watched videos on youtube on how to perform this task. Where I am somewhat confused is the very first cut. I want to make 3/4" to 1/2" tapered band 8" in length. The length is no problem - I can figure that out without taxing my addled brain too much. :) Where I need help is the very first cut. So at the top of the flatband material I measure an inch in, and mark it. It's the bottom which I want at 1/2" - how do I measure? I've seen videos where the top is measured at say an inch, then measured at the bottom say 3/4" but there isn't a first cut. Then on other videos I see guys make a first cut to get the angle then discard the excess. I hope I explained this properly! Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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I have a template cutter, but I have just been using the markings available on the mat..once side is metric and the other "imperial"...

So lay down an 8 inch piece you already cut(thats what I do)...then lay it on a line. Lay your ruler from one end sloping(using your criteria) to the other using the grid lines and give it a cut. Then flip or rotate the piece to get another straight edge to reference with.

Probably best to cut two sheets at a time so you don't have to rotate, but I just do one so far. I don't want to mess up two at the same time.

For myself, I don't worry too much about messing up. In the grand scheme of things latex is cheap and thats how to learn.

I have been cutting bands with no taper and to me it shoots fine....just not as easy to put the end thru the pouches.

Also...there will be some adjustment obviously for the length you will lose at both ends of the bands where you attach the pouch and to the slingshot right, so just play with it...I would not think that would impact much one way or the other.
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My theory would be Cause we're not that smart. I have found that dumber people are more friendly, and smart people less friendly. The crowd at target vs trader Joes for example.

if you go to StackOverflow, which is a technical forum...well...if you ask a question that has already been answered in the 1 million posts, they will jump on you and say "already been answered...why are you wasting our time!" or..."check the documentation...the answer is are lazy.."

Hope this post does not offend anyone...I AM KIDDING right...I have no idea about anyones intelligence here...but for myself...DUMB and proud of it.

Wow! Many valuable replies and I appreciate every one of them. I managed to follow your expert directions and cut a few sets of bands this morning - 3/4" to 1/2" and they came out pretty much dead on. One thing I did notice was the band material (GZK .58) appeared to want to roll a wee bit. I am going to assume this is somewhat normal. I did cut the bands at 9.5 inches to allow for fork and pouch attachment.

One thing I have to say about this forum is you folks are the friendliest and most helpful forum I've ever been on, and I appreciate it!

Have a great Sunday!

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Reactions: 5 are too smart. I bet you shop at trader joes...or even worse...WHOLE FOODS..:>)

That sure explains a lot. I've always wondered why people didn't like me.
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Bike riding? You exhibit all the symptoms for sure.
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