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Graphite infused wax on laminated pouches.

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Graphite infused wax on laminated pouches. Now I know that most traditional slingshot users would have little use for this and may be slightly dangerous because it makes a pouch nearly as smooth as chrome. However with a mechanical release, I now believe it is a must if you want to achieved greater accuracy.

It made a 5cm group into a 1cm group at 17 yards. I am very happy about that. Also used on skis and industrial uses like dry lube paraffin.

1) make the combo

2) apply liberally, rubbing the wax thoroughly into the laminated canvas.

3) apply some more graphite powder.

4) rub in thoroughly with some leather, similar to the way you would rub wax into a compound bows cable.

Here is how the wax is made.

graphite infused laminated pouch

graphite infused wax.

Salutations Konrad B)
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Great video thanks for sharing
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The pouch is becoming more like a cartridge. Your welcome Tag.
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1cm group at 17 yards?!?!!? Now that is crazy accuracy!
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Hawke vantage 3-9x40 mil dot scope at x5 magnification on a Flymar A slingshot rifle shooting 8mm steel g100 grade carbon steel balls with a bipod. It is more like a air rifle than a slingshot. I have hit coke cans at 46 yards.

Thank you. It is coming together.

Zeroing in, see the bullseye bottom left then the three top right. 9 clicks = 1 cm at x5 magnification 17 yards.

3 shots 17 yards

Some of the shots particularly in the middle where without the infused wax and I turned the turret the wrong way. The shots tightened up immensely with the Graphite and the wax.

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