Price above includes shipping which will be by USPS priority mail.
The 15 lbs of steel balls is triple bagged.
Everything will be double bagged in USPS priority mail envelopes.

For the list price you cannot even buy the 15 lbs of steel balls, never mind the elastic.

I have switched completely to target shooting with smaller ammo (5/16 steel balls and less) and also to semi/full buterfly.
I am seeling the heavier ammo and bands.

This is what you get.

1/2" steel balls
15 lbs of 1/2" steel ammo (this is chrome-plated steel, resistant to corrosion, etc), about 800 steel balls.
I measured this on an accurate scale. The weight is entirely steel balls, container was excluded.
This ammo is brand new, never shot.

0.8mm pure latex - 2 meters
0.8mm pure latex - 3 pieces of 28.5cm

The latex was purchased last year and is brand new, never shot.

Heavy bands
The bands you get are:
silver bands - 1mm thick, cut 24 cm long, 20mm to 12mm - 12 pieces
gold bands - 1mm thick, cut 24 cm long, 20mm to 12mm - 18 pieces
red/orange bands, 1.2 mm, cut 24 cm long, 20mm to 12mm - 20 pieces

The bands were originally attached to tiny pouches.
Those pouches were removed and only gthe bands were kept.

The bands were purchased last year and are brand new, never shot.

See the photos.