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Greeting all and many thank's.

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Greeting all and thankyou very much for welcoming me to the forum.

I purchased a Flymar hunting slingshot rifle with upgraded flatband forks. I have been reading the speedfreaks section of this forum and watching 1611torsten's Youtube video's closely. I am also aware of the Power Rangers section (very nice) and Bill hayes silngshot rifle discussed here. I am looking forward to asking some questions about these aspects of perfomance in the near future when my Chronograph arrives.

May I ask a question of any of you now please. What happened to Torsten? He has not posted in a couple of years.

Once more many thank's for welcoming me to the forum. I hope you don't mind me showning off my rig, I have a different scope. Factory bands are 50mm - 20mm taper. Fork to release 700mm - 160mm unstretched. Kindest regards P.Konrad

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Yup. Looks like it won't take up too much room in my! Welcome to the Forum let us see you shooting that beastie!!

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