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Greetings from Brasil

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My name is Max, and I live in São Paulo City, Brasil, I used to shot (is the term correct?) with slingshots when I was young, using hand made slingshot forks made from "jabuticabeira" wood, which is a tree native from Brasil and are very nice to provide forks for the kids, I'll try to look around and check If I can find one of the oldies in a drawer or old box.

Recently, when visiting orlando in a vacation, I bought a Daisy slingshot but never opened the blister, so it is brand new.

I'm still reading the forum, to see If I can gain some technics and improve my sight and hope to contribute some day.

That's it.

Thanks for reading.
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Thanks a lot for the warm welcome.
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Welcome Max! You should probably change the bands on the Daisy. They are really stiff and discourage a lot of new comers.
Happy Shootn!!!
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There is lots of good information here on adapt the Daisy to make it a great shooter. Try the search function.
This is very nice.... @ibojoe, I'll reach those tutorials.

I saw a DIY section, my father is a part time carpenter and I'm planning to spend some time with him to try my first one, where I can find models, with measures, of slingshots?

I'll try to find the kind of model I'd liked and post here to see if you can help me to find this profile.

I found the Templates sub-forum and downloaded a lot of templates.

I also found a thread, where a member found out how to melt HDPE 3, to make the forks in a mold, I'm in message 110 0f 700.

That's it, very busy day.

Thanks again.

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Welcome from Georgia


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