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Yeah, that's how it started for a lot of us. Get one,get another,always searching for the perfect slingshot. Kent Sheppard has the largest slingshot collection in the world. He loaded up 20 picnic tables with all of them a few years ago. He has well over 700 slingshots. All kinds of commercial models dating back to the early 1900's and many custom homemade ones too. Truely an impressive collection( I was drooling!). I know of other guys with over 500 a couple with around 300 and 400 and then there's a few like me with a few hundred. You can't possibly get them all unless you have very, very,deep pockets,so most of the guys I know learn to be selective. Some like Arrow shooters, some metal frames,some wooden models,some commercial,some African, Mayan, Boilies, etc. Yes it is some kind of hobby!! I love it!
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