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for sure, try a lighter band set. It is pretty easy to experiment with different bad sets. Walmart sells #64 and #32 rubber bands, either can be chained or braided to make a decent band. This is a cheap way to learn about your draw length and how much active band length you want. Look for instructions here on making band sets from rubber bands.

Walmart also sells SPRI exercise resistance bands, the blue (medium) makes a very lightweight band set when cut in a 7/8" strip. Cut a 1.5" strip and fold it lengthwise and you have a very decent medium pull band set. You will need a rotary cutter and a cutting mat, both also available at Walmart.

Bill Hays of Pocket Predator has some information re: building and strength. I keep some grippers on my desk and squeeze them throughout the day. You can also squeeze a soft ball.

If all else fails, consider a wrist-braced slingshot.

Hope this helps.
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