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First, follow all the advice above!

Another thing to consider is a lanyard. If you are gripping the frame tightly in order to keep it aligned and to keep it from pulling out of your hand, you are creating tension. That results in shaking. A properly fitting lanyard will allow a very relaxed grip. Basically where your thumb and forefinger contact the frame becomes a fulcrum, instead of a holding point and the lanyard keeps the butt end from moving forward, therefore anchoring it in place with very little grip needed. Also, a frame that fits your hand and suits your style is crucial. I simply cannot shoot large ergo frames like the HTS. It creates pressure and pain at my thumb joint and aggravates my carpal tunnel. Frames like the ones I get from Island Made and SPS frames suit me perfectly and I can shoot them for hundreds of shoots in a row with no problem at all. I tried just about every frame style out there before I found what works for me.

Keep working at it. You'll get there!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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