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It seems a lot of things from archery transfer over to SlingShot shooting, I shoot my compound bow with a very relaxed grip almost open hand but with a wrist strap to catch the bow after the shot.

My first SlingShot had no lanyard hole and I had to remember to grip the SlingShot or it would jump out of my hand after the shot and hit the floor.
I consider a lanyard almost a requirement. With a properly fitted lanyard you can do the archery drop with a slingshot. Saunders Archery sells a slingshot made specifically to use the archery drop, I don't think an expensive specialized slingshot is needed when basically any slingshot with a proper lanyard can do the same.

I have tried the archery drop with slingshots and did not care for it but I use the lanyard because I can use a very relaxed grip.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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