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Those are nice and all but geez.... I'm hoping to see something original from a creative person like you.... right now it looks like slight, and I do mean slight, variations straight off my gallery page on my website.

You had your twist together sideshooter... that was pretty good... and in fact I was kind of expecting you to expand on that concept... maybe a twist together band-lock system or the like...

I mean, really I posted all the templates and pictures and so forth to try and inspire others to take it further... expand beyond... don't take the same basic shape I already did... come up with your own. I know you can... you've got the skills and as proven by the twist together, the creativity... so use my designs or others as a jumping off point if you want... but Dude, you're capable of so much more!

Please take this as it's meant... not to insult or belittle but to INSPIRE... because I KNOW you're capable of so much more!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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