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A few years ago my wife and I were at a slingshot tournament where we met an amazing family with a daughter named Hannah. Hannah and her friend were asking people if they would like a drink of water and a cookie. I ask Hannah did she like to bake, and that’s where this story starts. Hannah said she loved to bake with her Grandma and that someday she would like to have her own bakery shop. She then ask if we knew what she would call it. She was going to call it HANNAH’S HOMEMADE HAPPINESS ❤???? I have told this story countless times, and each time it’s made people realize how much they missed by not carrying on family traditions. A lot of us get caught up in the Techinacal aspect of life and miss what’s really important in life. Our nieces Emma and Stella love Hanna’s story, and now that they are big girls ages 5 and 3???????? they bake with their Mom, my wife and two other aunts???????? A Mother who was down on their luck last year at Christmas got her girls to bake cookies to give out as gifts????❤ Such a simple true story can make a huge difference in someone who feels like the whole world is against them. Maybe that’s why slingshots appeal so much to me.
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