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Hello, everyone, my new.

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Hello, everyone, my new.
A Chinese slingshot players.
Please advice.


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Greetings 52yeb!
welcome aboard looks like you got some cool slingshots there and some good friends to shoot with.
Welcome!!! Looks like you have a great group!!!
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but it seems it's the English by software-translator.
You are very welcome here, 52yeb.

Which province is your club located in ?

crazyslingshot said:
but it seems it's the English by software-translator.
Translator programs are rarely perfect, but the gist of a translated post usually comes through ok. The usual protocol (for communicating effectively with people using translator software as an intermediary) is to use short simple sentences, and to limit the use of slang, idiom, ambiguous words, innuendo, and metaphor.

I do it semi-frequently on the sites I help run.
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Very glad to have so many friends, the hobby slingshot now developed in China, and the Internet around the world can have in common friend exchanges. Because China is forbidden, so now playing slingshot gun more and more friends from teenagers to 50, 60 years of age, the people have. My friends are playing slingshot around, more on Sunday, drive or ride a motorcycle to rural play, very happy.
In our country, is must learn English, the content of entrance, also influence directly affect their life, so we can. But usually only understand it, but don't say that learning English is text, this is our teaching of failure. We also have the language environment, my friends, in London to stay in a English environment, to the year can speak English, but hard to do at home.
It's great to have you here, 52yeb.

It is a general truism that most governments everywhere in the world either try to tax the fun things in life (to generate income for themselves), or make them illegal (if they can be abused in an unsafe manner). China is far from alone in that. For example, Air-guns are illegal in England, but crossbows (which are far more deadly) are fine. Here in New York (USA), cross-bows are illegal and air-guns are fine. Slingshots are illegal in Russia, but here in New York they're fine (the government considers them "toys") ... other examples are endless.

I hope that translates ok.
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What do you mean playing slingshots? Just shooting at targets or eachother?
What do you mean playing slingshots? Just shooting at targets or eachother?
It's common for non-native speakers of a given language to not pick the best word to relate something.

In this instance, by "playing slingshot gun", I'm fairly certain he's referring to the same sort of recreational shooting of slingshots we all know and love. Recreational/play, shooting/gun ... an easy linguistic near miss for a foreign speaker or translator program to make.
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Hi 52yeb which person is you in the picture or do you represent the group?
It's a fun hobby to have, and it is really nifty to see folks from all over the world enjoying it.

Slingshot tournament






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" Very Cool " Thanks for sharing pic's 52yeb
So glad to see fellow slingshot shooters from China. The more we share our hobbies and interests with others around the world the more we see each other as fellow humans and friends. In a world full of conflict, this kind of interaction can only be a good thing.

I'm sure you're English is far better than my Chinese!
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welcome from florida and the forum
Hello 52yeb welcome to the forum,

friendly greetings to you :wave:
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