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Hello from Arizona

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The slingshot bug bit about 2 weeks ago, and I've scratched it hard and often. I've been retired for a number of years, and hope to celebrate my 94th birthday in December. I first started shooting my older brothers .22 pump rifle when I was about 10. I served in the USMC where everyone is a rifleman. After discharge, I continued to shoot rifles and hunt both big games and varmints. About 10 years ago I got acquainted with PCP air rifles. Ground squirrels are plentiful here in southern AZ, and I've also shot my share of them while vacationing in MT. I was on YouTube one day and discovered FowlersMakeryAndMischief and Simple-Shot. Thats when the bug bit. I started shooting the Scout LT with clay ammo, and just added Axium Occularis. Great fun and a challenge, with MUCH yet to be learned! ........ and that all I know

Joe in AZ
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