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Hello from Germany!

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Hello guys!

My Name is Mathis I'm 24 and from Germany.
I just started Shooting slingshots with my lately arrived rambone and it's awesome!
Looking forward to become good in this hobby and start building and trading my own slingshots. :)

Maybe I can also start with two questions that wanders my mind lately;

1. Has someone tried leatherette instead of leather as a pouch? I wonder if this works as I don't no the material conditions of it. My father has some leatherette rest laying around and I might give it a try.

2. I'm started target shooting and as much as I know my TBG bands are a bit unbalanced/ overpowered for my 8mm steel. Should I use tapered Theraband Black instead or doesn't it really matter at the beginning?

Thanks for your input!
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