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Hello Everybody!

I'm Stefan a 31 years old newbie from Hungary. I'm very happy to found this forum, because I'm planning
to make my first Catty. I have still just one slingshot, a China made commercial thing. Not really good stuff... :-S

I remember, when I was child we always used bicycle inner tube for slingshot band. Is it still a good option compare to
modern materials like Thera-band? Has anybody tried it?

...and one another thing: Yesterday, when I brushed my teeth :) I thought, that dental-fluss could be also a very good
thing to tie a new slingshot. It is strong enough and waxed (if it is good at all, I don't know..). What do you think about this??

Glad to be here!


PS: Sorry for my bad english, I just don't have enough practice in it... :-(
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