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Hey all,

I'm Nick. I'm not new to slingshots tho. :) Just this forum. I've been into slingshots since a kid. Now that I'm a Dad, it's time for me to pass on the passion. I shoot predominantly, Dankungs, have for a good few years. I have some favorites that I still shoot, my baum cattys (from a European friend from the forums back in early 2000s), my A+ Slingshots from Perry and my Hunter Catapults from HunterCatapultsUK (now defunct). It's sad the ebb and flow of the 'hobbyist' makers in the sport over the years, but the passion remains the same. I dislike Theraband Golds I think they are overkill. Only latex I like comes from Tex Shooter. It's been years but I hope he still makes and has them available.. I'm a new unabashed Simple-Shot fan. His UV bags woulda saved me on so many sets that got ruined by the sun. :(

Long story short, it's great to see the progress over the years and I'm happy to be here and just wanna say I missed all my slingshot compadries over the years. Great to be back amidst fellow forked enthusiasts. :wave:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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