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Hey guys I'm 27 and I'm from upstate NY. I don't have much slingshot experience, I have used a wristrocket once or twice as a kid but always with gravel that was very unpredictable. Throughout the years every time I've seen a Dick's Sporting Goods advertisement with the slingshots on the back page I've thought to myself, "one day I will get one of those again." I think it's about time. I run a pretty decent sized warehouse so I've got a nice place to practice. I ordered a Western Dankung last monday because I found out the wrist brace is illegal in NY so hopefully I'll be shooting next week, although the chinese tracking number didn't actually track until today and it was supposed to track after 3 days.

I look forward to learning a lot from you guys and maybe even getting into the prototyping myself

PS- Joerg your videos are awesome. Keep it up!
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