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Hello everyone, I just picked up the hobby for a few reasons....1) Slingshots are awesome 2) It's useful if you ever have to survive. 3) I've got rabbits eating my watermelon and A LOT of robins digging up my garden for worms (decent soil, easy to dig but everything else is clay) 4) I've read that if you can hunt with a slingshot, you can hunt with anything.

I've been using this slingshot for about 5 days and I'm narrowing down to a golf ball size grouping....just a bit higher than intended lol. I've got a three band slingshot and from my research you can't put flats on it because of all of the edges unless you put some sort of padding...Which is sad because they seem to be best for hunting, I've never eaten rabbit and when they come in to eat my plants, I can taste something new :D

I've been using the bands that came with the slingshot since I got it (5 days) and one set snapped fairly fast...To be fair, it might have been for a smaller ammo than I'm using (3\8" steel). So it might have been from that but I decided to try and tie up the remaining bands and...probably needless to say...I didn't realize the point of having everything tied the same length and knotted exactly the same. So I went back down to the middle band... With that I was having alot of fun and jumping off stuff and shooting before hitting the ground to try to get that 'instant aim' action down....made me love the slingshot so much more.

Also, could you use sinew or something when you're out surviving as a sort of band if you can get a decent pouch made?

Sorry for the rant lol

Thanks for reading this and if you have any tips on estimating how far from a target you are and how to be more accurate please let me know.

At the moment I'm shooting from something like 50 feet (around there)
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