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Hello from North Texas.

Originally I purchased a Marksman Slingshot from Walmart to convince a dog to avoid my yard. I did not want to hurt the dog, just sting him. Using 3/8 steel shot, I took three shots and must have connected at least once, because he started going around. Today, while practicing with a homebrew slingshot, the dog came down the lane, saw me, and took a 100 foot detour.

Besides the Marksman, I also have one of the Daisy Models and 16 homemade slingshots made out of red oak, poplar, pine, and aspen, in different shapes and sizes trying to find the magic configuration for my hand. I have made three flippers on a stick (one using theratube blue, one with Lowe's latex tubing, and one with theraband gold). Very good at throwing 3/8 shot 200 feet, but absolutely no accuracy at any distance. Also, I have one traditional flipper (thereband gold band, string, and pouch) and all I can say is ouch, ouch, ouch.

A shooting box is on my short list of things to do, since I have steel balls scattered all over the property from my practice sessions and that gets expensive.

I enjoy reading the posts of what others have made with wood and metal. My thanks to those who have gone before and are sharing their knowledge and skill.

Have a good day.

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Welcome eBob,
I'm originally from Texas myself!!! Always good to have another Texan here.


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NIce to have you with us bbShooter! Flatband
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