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I notice that at times, there maybe a couple hundred guests reading these posts.

So, if you are one of those guys, I can help you shoot the best group ever, if you shoot a lot but just can't quite get all the shots in one spot.

1. now i'm assuming that you are shooting 15 to 50 shots a day. If not, skip this post.

If you are, I want you, while you're sitting there, just take your thumb and feel over the section of your index finger where you hold the pouch. You will find that you either have a callus or a sore spot where the ammo rests. Feel it? If not, you aint shooting enough. More practice for you fella! If you can feel it, I would be willing to bet odds that it is down from the top toward the inside of the finger. This is proof positive that you are having release problems. You can't argue, the proof is right there on your finger !!

2. Next time you shoot, you are going to get that pill right on top of your finger. Your going hold it there with your unbent thumb. Now your going to extend your fork upward locking elbow and look down at your pouch. Is it still straight? Didn't roll it back down hill? Are both holes where the bands go still right over each other? OK find your anchor point and bring the fork down past the target. Her we go! Slowly raise the fork. Are the bands lined up right? Slowly raise to the bull and just as you get on target, Softly like a mother holds the hand of a child, let the shot go. Don't mess around let 'er go before you get the shakes.

3. Now, if you had a good stance and a nice straight line between fork and elbow, that shot HAS to fly true. And the next one will be right there too. I want you to take five shots the same way.

Now if you did as told, the five shot group might be a little high or low etc, but the GROUP are all going to be together.

4. You can tell me thanks for the help after you join up.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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