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"Southern Flip Style"
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Welcome Mac,
Don't be afraid!!! It's more of a mental thing. If you look at my wooden style slingshots they are about the same size and are shot the same was as the DanKung. I've never shot my fingers. If you watch older shooters that grew up shooting natural tree forks that are good you will see that they use a "high grip" with forefinger and thumb up close to the rubber as well. I have never seen a good shooter use a "hammer grip." If you hit a fork (it can happen sometimes to the best of us) it will most likely be the left one if you pull the bands with your right hand or vice-a-versa, so it will maybe jar your hand a little but not hit a finger.
This "high V grip" is what allows us to successfully use brace-less forks and strong bands if desired.
Enjoy your shooting, and the forum!!!!
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