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Hi from Oregon. A couple days ago I started a web search for the fastest/best commercial wrist rocket. I had one as a kid, and just felt the itch to try one again. Well, after an hour I discovered the Slingshot Channel and was blown away by Joerg's videos. I learned a lot in a short period of time. A couple hours later I stumbled into this forum, and after lurking, decided I should join. Now I can view the photos and ask lots of newbie questions.

After watching Joerg's vids, I realized wanted to try a slingshot w/o a wrist brace, so I ordered the Dankung Jungle Hunter and Hunter II, along with 20yds of tubing (2040 & 1745). The high thumb and index finger grip looks a little scary, but what the heck, all the fingers on my other hand are safe right?
Anyway, my new stainless catapults should be here in a couple weeks, so I've got time to keep reading and learning so I look good when they arrive.

Welcome Mac, my first Dankung was a General II hunting slingshot and it took a while to get used to the small size. I just got a jungle hunter and after the General II it seemed too big. I do like the wider forks on the Jungle. They shoot great. Good thing you ordered extra tubing, just make them slightly longer for your pull length. I changed milne from 12cm to 14cm in length and they are fine and shoot hard. wvbob
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