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There are no dings or scratches on vote is for a repro. I may be incorrect but the real ones that I have seen (and own) will all have some dings, scratches, and fork hits. I also don't see any dirt gathered anywhere on it.

Please keep in mind I'm not beating up your equipment and to be honest it will slide into your pocket just as good as a Millard Brothers original! By the way, there is a deep cut Milbro with the "MILBRO" being in much thinner letters which was, to my understanding, produced after the shallow cut, which is what you have.

There is, at least to me, no shame in owning/carrying/using a repro, either. Do you think people carrying 85-quid Bells of Hythe masterpieces aren't proud of them? They're repros. I also think the repros made by reputable makers are made with better/stronger alloys than the originals (mine bends much too easily).

Regardless, enjoy shooting and carrying your new friend!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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