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peleteer got it right I actually tilt my slingshot a little forward before my shot and it just promotes a good follow through, and I think it gives a better line of sight for shooting (effectively it is lowering your fork height) you may also want to try shooting lighter bands, the only time i have ever hit my forks was when I tried to shoot too strong of bands for me, and since i hold my frames with my thumb and index finger i hit my finger!! youch! i couldnt even hold a slingshot for a week. fast slingshots are nice but even light ones have enough power to hunt small game with, and you will shoot them much better.

but like peleteer said if you use the flip style you will not even come close to hitting your frames....I can hold a single piece of rubber in my hand with a pouch tied to a string and tied to the end, and use my thumb sticking up as the "frame" and not hit my thumb if I use the flip style.

oh and I also know that wingshooter made a rotating fork slingshot at one time.
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