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I am putting up a couple of frames to be sold to raise a few dollars for our SlingBrother Alfred E.M. who suddenly just lost his wife of 40 years. When you purchase one or both of these frames you will be sending your donation directly to A.E.M. aka Ward.
This .75” thick TopShot by Pocket Predator is an OTT dream frame that will last you 1000 years. I modified the frame awhile back by filling the tube holes with Kevlar rods and 5000psi epoxy. I keep the frame taped for grip and asthetics.
The Aluminum Pocket Predator finger shooter was a gift from the Forum (Tag and Winnie and Pocket Predator) of which I modified with removable tab hardware. It seems fitting to me that this little shooter goes into a rotation for a good cause.
I will be covering the shipping to your US location. I appreciate my international brothers but I can’t cover that extra shipping to get it to you.
I am not going to list an asking price. You can message me your best offer and after a few I’ll pick the highest offer. I’ll give you Wade’s PayPal address for the payment and you’ll give me your address for shipping. These are worthy frames for a worthy and longtime contributor of this Forum!
I lost a friend this last Friday as well and am at the age where this happens often now. Processing where and how to help a person attend to mounting expenses is complicated but necessary. I appreciate all of you very much.
Peace! Moses
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