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"Hex Box" (The End Of All Handslaps)

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OK, following the "Cutlass" and the "Shield", now I completed my first 100% efficient no-handslaps slingshot.

The frame of the slingshot is made from thin 6mm plywood, now very stable due to the octagonal construction. It is a box now, completely shielding the entire hand.

The handle is made from round rod and there is a long M8 screw that runs through the whole slingshot. The "forks" are M8 screws as well, forming the cores for the round 20 mm wood rods.

Due to the thin wood, it weighs about 450 gramms only.

It may look strange, but it is a very good shooter.

Now my wife wants a new bird house for the garden :)

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Add some spikes and you got a nasty knuckle duster as well...
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