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Hi from Cambridge, UK

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Hi all,

I'm 21, and I'm totally new to slingshots - I know, I was deprived as a kid. After initially seeing the hi-tech Barnett slingshots, I did my research, and I've ended up ordering a Hunter Ergo. I've also bought some shooting glasses because I value my eyes.

Basically, I'm going to start off shooting cans etc in my garden, and won't even consider aiming at anything live until I'm massive proficient. Anyway, here are my concerns...

As I've forked out over 20 quid for a slingshot, I really don't want to wreck it early on by hitting the forks. Ideally, I'd use plastic practice ammo, although from what I've read, this would be far too light considering the strength of the bands. Being as I really don't want to fork out for lead shot, especially for the sake of target practice, I've bought some 9mm steel ammo. Basically, my question is, will this still be a little light, and should I expect to get a few hand slaps? Would it be a good idea not to draw back too far?

Obviously, any advice for a beginner would be very welcome. I look forward to getting involved in the community on here.

Cheers in advance,
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Hi Farny we are not so far apart Im from spalding lincs about an hours drive, as for ammo you should be ok with 9mm steel but if you are getting handslaps try 16mm marbles they should be ok.
Hi Farney,
I too am new . I joined about 2 weeks ago. I got into this about two months ago when an injury put me in a leg cast and a wheelchair so, I made my first two slingshots from natural branches in my yard, bought some thera band from the internet and came here ! This forum has the "best of the best" when it comes to People, slingshots, resources, and experiances ! Just take the time to read the posts out here and most of your questions will be answered. If any questions still remain, ask away and I'm sure someone will help. I see where your from, I'm from Hustisford, Wisconsin USA
Hello farny
i'm from Peterborough/huntingdon area grown up with the pults try your marbles and 9mm to start but get an unbraced smk or similar to play with till you get good enough, start with standard tube then speargun/theraband green tubes then you'll be confident enough for the hunter with .45 lead or 14mm steel.
Don't start with therabands cos you'll develop a flinch before you even start because though powerful the slap and noise are pretty awesome start low and work up.
Over the tops are a totally different trick to learn, great eventually but you'll need practice.

All the best

Hi all, and thanks for the help so far. By the sound of it, I might well have been better off going for the Barnett until I get a little better...nevermind...
£20 is not much to spend on a slingshot/catty. Many fairly basic handmade slingshots cost much more and you'd certainly grow out of a weaker shooter quickly.

For the time being, a Hunter Ergo is not known for fork hits and is just about as safe as they come. I would not say that a weaker slingshot is necessarily the right way to learn either. You can learn well from a Hunter Ergo shooting Hunter Bands.

All we are saying is if you want to shoot light ammo, you're better off with weaker bands. That's not to say that you can't shoot light ammo from Hunter Bands, they'll work, but you'll be a little less accurate and might get a little sting until you learn to flip the forks forward a little on delivery (it only takes a few shots to master). If you must, you can also untie the bands and use just one band per side.

Justin (fish) is a mate and has helped me a lot, so if all fails, let me know and I'll give you a light catty with lighter target bands. I bet by the time it reaches you, you'll have mastered the Ergo, though.
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Thanks a lot for the advice - I've only really frequented a couple of other forums, but from experience, people rarely go out of their way to help new members, so it's really appreciated. As for wanting to shoot light ammo, it's more a matter of wanting to shoot cheap ammo, to be honest. I couldn't bare to see Fish's lead shot disappearing over the wall at the bottom of my garden.
fish's shot is big heavy lead. I'd say there's more chance of it going through the fence than over it.
Hi Farny, welcome to the forum. We all started out just like you. Most important...have fun! You're getting some good advice.
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Hey Farny,
I agree with ZDP and Jim 100%. Enjoy the forum and Enjoy your practicing!!!
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Greetings, Farny!
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Hello from Georgia, USA
Hi all

Anyone have any YouTube videos to recommend that would get me going?...
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I actually looked at a lot of his videos already...he was the main reason I ordered some eye protection. The thing is, most of his videos seem to be reviews of different models/how to make things rather than how to actually use them.
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