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a forum dedicated to slingshots!
hi to all of you!
I am a 29 year old 3d animator + petroleum engineer residing in Bangalore, India
Recently on my visit to a remote rural part of India , i came across a small shop selling slingshots.
I went ahead and picked up a few, as these are the very toys I grew up playing with years ago .Sadly these are no longer available in most cities.

Slingshots I bought broke very easily as the fork was made up of 2 pcs of wood.
that's when google lead me to slingshot channel on you-tube.After a few days spent watching joerg demonstrating his awesome collection of slingshots.
I was hooked, and here I am now!
planning on making a few slingshots.
currently hunting for rubber, leather ,metal etc.

will keep all of you posted as things take shape.


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Very cool!!! Welcome to the forum!! I look forward to seeing your work!!
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