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Hi All,

I play disc golf and read that one guy uses a slingshot to "shoot" his discs out of trees when they get stuck. I thought that sounded like a great idea and got a Daisy B52 and a Daisy B16. I really like the B52 design, but the plastic handle, not so much. Started researching slingshots and got stuck down the rabbit hole!

Picked up a Daisy P51 at Cabela's for $17 on sale, and bent the support frame so it rests on my forearm comfortably now. Have some black latex bands on the way from SimpleShot, and I picked up some 5/16" shaft collars to attach them. Really like how the P51 feels now that the wrist support isn't digging into my arm anymore.

Found a Trumark FS-1 on OfferUp for $10, and it came with a handle full of BB's and a marble. LOL I do like the bands and especially the pouch on the FS-1. So far I've noticed that the "padded bar" does dig into the forearm a bit, but if you grip this one tightly it can really generate some power!

Thanks to forum member Northerner for showing me pics of his disassembled P51, and thanks to everyone here for all the interesting slingshot info! (y)

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Here's a couple of my discs you guys might enjoy, too.

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Hi and welcome!

I had to lookup disc golf, never heard about it before.

treefork said:
Cabelas in Glendale Az sells a 20 foot telescoping pole for unsnagging fishing lures that will work better to retrieve your discs from trees .
I bet shooting the discs off a tree is much more fun, isn't it? :ROFLMAO:

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Thanks, Sandstorm. Another great idea! I'm going to hit up Goodwill tomorrow and see if I can find a throw pillow to use for target practice. Hoping it will cushion the impact and drop the balls right in front of it, so I can retrieve them easily. Will check (in those little plastic bags of toys on the wall) for super balls.
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