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American here enjoying windy south France to kite board, mountain bike and now slingshot.

As most made and shot as kid, and again maybe as a few here got in trouble with car windows!

I went thru blow gun phase when still lived in USA MANY years ago, mostly playing darts with friends, we could hit doubles

almost at will after a few months.

Did wear out a few cheap dart boards but remember sourcing alu tube for shafts and had a 8 foot that was great!

Again follies of youth, we would wear hard hats, use 8 foot blow guns with very accurate diameter to just fit dart cones,

hand hold dart board outside on no wind days, shoot straight up and try to catch on it.

Kinda scary to make sure to not get stuck, we never did but made sure to hold dart above head with handles from under.

SO SILLY but we managed to get "on target" a few times.

While in the utube rabbit hole watched blow gun vids and stumbled on sling shots!

Did not even know flat bands existed specifically for and "gansta style" holding, I had to try.

Of course simple shot was used to gain tons of super useful info, BIG shout out!

BUT, would have liked to buy from to support but shipping, ouch!!

Costs as much a S S!

Found China copy scout cheap free shipping so as not sure this new found hobby would stick decided to invest so little.

In the mean time used google and Utube to learn, again THX to the many who provide such valuable free info!!! :D

Like with lunguns, at least for me, the instant gratification of being on target quickly became a quest to improve.

Have now become daily shooter, even if just a hand full.

The reward for learning to cut and tie bands, find ones active draw to anchor point, test pouches and different size ammo has me

most involved.

I now find myself with 10, from 1 for bbs to 14 mm steel balls.

It seems to calm me having to concentrate when aiming and I love to D I Y so this pastime improves the quality of my life!

Sure enjoy Joerg Sprave!

Because am getting older and need to watch cash flow, this hobby is relatively inexpensive.

I have nothing against hunters but I myself have never and will never kill any animal and do not like to even see so sensor my

vids accordingly.

What I have found for myself so far,

Do not like tubes.

Tested mag ammo holders, must miss something because no success.

Enjoy both ott and ttf.

Pouch texture important.

Just in the few last days have pinch pouch am getting used to, fun change.

Super cheap China frames can and will break.

Anchor point and release are key.

Cold is no fun, loose finger sensitivity.

Bands are much less powerful when even a little cold.

Spinners are fun but paper for valid grouping is great.

Having a catch box and 10 m downrange just outside my door makes for a few shots often!

Wife calls, time for breakfast.

Happy New Year to all!

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