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Like many it seems, I have a Black Widow sllngshot. I bought it when I was about 15 and have had it for more years than I would like to admit.

I have never shot it seriously but it comes out for a bit of fun every now and again. When the elastic broke recently I started googling, came across this forum and all sorts of other interesting slingshot stuff. The result being a thud on the doormat as a shiny new aluminium PPMG was delivered and another as a shed load of steel balls arrived.

I am already shooting far better than I ever did with my Black Widow but probably more because of the hints and tips on this forum than the new slingshot! I had only ever used pebbles, crab apples, nuts (from trees and my workshop) etc as ammo so the steel balls must be helping too :)

Always a tinkerer I have already sketched a few slingshot designs out and will be building my own when I have a bit more experience of using them.

So Hi to everyone on here, thanks for the hints, tips and useful info. I am not a big poster but I do hope to contribute at some point.

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