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Well never actually counted frames in house before but I see you new guys posting collections. I started in 2017 ish and right now just in home 208 sure some in care and shop and jackets . Buckle up noobs 🤭 View attachment 360318
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Stone the crows, you have enough there to equip a small army, some really nice frames there, thanks for posting.

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Love me some slingshots.
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Thanks 👍 I have had a lot come and go you got to watch them trades my friend lol . I have had a lot of fun trading stuff around guy named Mr Brooks got me into it . He created a monster 😂
No problem haha. I know it the addiction is real I got rid of a lot already lol I just started giving them away. And my sister in law has a shop somewhere in Lafayette Indiana and I sell my slings there too. Just started that last month and sold 4 already. It's a beautiful thing to be addicted too 👍
1 - 20 of 79 Posts