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Hi everibody, i'm Samcro from Noumea in new caledonia, a beautiful island in the south pacific ocean. I'm proud to be here to introduce myself in this forum. I had build a lot of sllingshot during my life (41 years old) essentially with wood fork and one day i found with my friend google there are some "silly boys" who made slingshot with other thing like wood fork and the virus take me and i have a lot of project in my head.
have a nice day


ps: her you can find two of my many wooden slingshot made when i live in a little island named "maré" (near new caledonie big island ) .They are made with gaiac and banian wood and the rubber is a quarter of submarine gun sandow


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Hello Samcro ! Glad you could join up with all of us crazy guys and our passion for slingshots. I look forward to seeing more of your slingshots and perhaps some hunting pictures.
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