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highly effectice slingshot bands

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I `ve made some high speed, medium and target bands for Joseph from France.
Butterfly bands!
Tested the stuff with 11 mm steel and some chrony and coconut shots. Up to 96 m/s; 315 fps.
These bands are VERY easy to pull and the fastest band can easily penetrate a coconut with only 10,5 mm steel.
But surely better with11 mm.

Here is the nice video:

Have fun shooting, Joseph!!

And all the other slingshooters - have fun watching!

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the band specs differ a lot from time to time because the quality of the latex is not always the same.
Made hundred of tests the last year. Nearly every new latex roll requires new specs :-(
Don`t like that - it`s not easy to change permanently.

That's incredibly powerful and efficient, very effective for hunting I imagine. However with such high velocities and Theraband Black won't longevity be a problem?
The fastest of the 3 bands last between 100 and 200 shots with this ammo. Depends on temperature - if warm: less shots, but faster. If cold: more shots, but less than 95 m/s.
Also the draw: every shot max. draw: less shots. And more shots if you don`t go every time to the max. draw.
Ammo: heavier is slower and allows more shots, lighter ammo is faster - less shots.

100 - 200 shots are quite ok with such velocities. A good hunting or longe range shooting set. Or for fun :)
But in my opinion senseless for pure target shooting.

I did a test with 10mm steel and around 330 fps on a coconut. The ball did not penetrate one side of the nut. A bit more speed OR a bit more mass is needed.
Maybe it depends on the thickness of the nut...

I usually prefer a chrony for sling tests. And different targets to check the accuracy.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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