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highly effectice slingshot bands

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I `ve made some high speed, medium and target bands for Joseph from France.
Butterfly bands!
Tested the stuff with 11 mm steel and some chrony and coconut shots. Up to 96 m/s; 315 fps.
These bands are VERY easy to pull and the fastest band can easily penetrate a coconut with only 10,5 mm steel.
But surely better with11 mm.

Here is the nice video:

Have fun shooting, Joseph!!

And all the other slingshooters - have fun watching!

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That's incredibly powerful and efficient, very effective for hunting I imagine. However with such high velocities and Theraband Black won't longevity be a problem?
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pah! If they shoot at 100m/s who worries about lifespan? Bwuhahahaha
LOL true!
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Awesome, what kind of velocities do you think I could potentially achieve with a 40" draw length? Using Theraband Gold and 0.44" lead?
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Depends on your strength. 40" is not a lot in comparison with butterfly like draws. 75 to 80 m/s is doable.
I decided to settle for a compromise for my hunting, any more and I find it unwieldy, especially when shooting at targets which are elevated... I plan to use Tex's Express Bands, so I'm expecting to easily kill pigeons and squirrels from up to 15m using 0.44 lead!
By my calculation a terminal energy of 10 Joules shall suffice.
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1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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