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This is my fav slingshot the pocket poacher from Peter at hogancastings. I fitted this Pocket Poacher with Dan's TYPE-Z pouch attachment, what can say. I really enjoyed shooting 8mm steel balls with this great combo today. I have only had a chance to shoot a hundred plus balls and i am loving it, loving it, loving it. Guys do yourself a real favour and order one of these from Pete, you will not be disappointed. It is the ideal weight alot easyier to shoot then a classic Milbro, is Made in England and will last a lifetime.

My other pocket poacher is now fitted with Tex's Express bands all i can say is it shoots like a gun.
Thank you Pete for both these great slingshots.
Not forgetting thank you Dan and Bill for these great bands too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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