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I had a week off work and was staying at a family members house on the west coast recently. I took my rod and catty and some snares hoping there might be some game to be had.

I am not used to hunting rabbits as there are practically zero where I live due to myxomatosis however they were quite numerous in the area I was staying at.

The rabbits here were extremely skittish and hard to get a proper shot on and I also had little success with snares until the last few days where I think I had adapted to the learning curve of a new quarry in a new area and pulled off a great shot on a nice healthy rabbit and then snared a second one under a fence line the night after.

I put them both in a casserole and the results were really tasty I enjoyed it a lot.

I was using an hdpe TTF pocket hunter from gamekeeper john
.6 latex 33 / 20 taper
9.5 steel

the shot came in low and penetrated through the front leg snapping the bone and into the chest cavity.

cheers guys

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