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Home, Home on the Range....

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When I moved out of the desert into the forest last November I recall telling y'all that I was gonna make my Hickock45 Range in the backyard. I work slow but thanks to some added Social Distancing I am closer than close!

Here is the Center of the Range. I've got an elevated deck that I can ping items off of the top if I choose. My catchbox will sit on top and will be removable for upgrades or repairs.
I've got 10m, 20m, and 25m to work with. A couple of .22 caliber metal targets are going to be planted in the area for those 'random' shots while taking the garbage out or scaring the crap out of the neighbors wife in between her Vodka Tonics. I have some of those training golfballs that I will camo-paint and launch up into the canopy with some 50lb test and a sinker. I've got a couple of brass bells and some beatup spoons and endcuts from copper pipe that'll get strung as well. I may take the spoons into the forest beyond the fence line and give myself a little walkabout course away from the house.

What am I missing??

Mo45, overnout.

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That’s gonna be a great setup. Leave a couple of boxes mobile.
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