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Home made antler dagger with steel point

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Basically to test the strength of antlers (for slingshot frames), I made a test dagger today, took me about 30 minutes to make.

I cut off a halfway straight part, sawed the tip off, glued in a threaded 8mm steel rod and sharpened the whole thing. I filed in a rudimentary handle.

This came out way better than I thought! A mean, crude, but no doubts dangerous home made weapon.

Not a slingshot :)

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Yes, Buffy has a similar weapon. But I believe she must use wood in order to address the specific vulnerability of her prey.


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Really though, how were you utilizing that to test the strength for a catty.
Well, I wanted to find out how solid a thin antler piece gets when you glue in a threaded steel rod.

It is pretty much unbreakable, my vise test does not lie.

Then I decided to sharpen it, just because I can.
Here is the enhancement of tonite - sawed it apart, straightened it, inserted steel rod and glued it together, then filing and sanding.

It is now quite nice!

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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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