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I've been shooting alot of cans in my catch box lately & I've been having a hard time focusing on the corner aiming "sight" of my slingshots - doesn't stand out as well when sighting a can compared to a paper target. So I ordered a little piece of "safety orange" G10 and used that to make a brighter / more visible aiming point. I've been wanting to try wenge wood after I saw another ss made from it recently on the forum & found a place on eBay that sells exotic wood dimensioned to thickness. So I used that as the outer laminate, along with mahogany, maple and cocobolo for the palm swell. My first attempt at making thin veneer - found out it's not easy using a planer - when you get it really thin, it basically explodes inside the planer & gums it up to the point where I had to disassembly the cutterhead and exhaust port dig out all the chips and splinters - figured out a workaround using a backer board and double sided tape to get the thin strips through the planer without causing a debacle. Anyways, came out pretty good - really like the bright orange aiming point - helps the old eyes. Used the old fill the handle with lead trick as well, so its got some heft to it. Here's a few pics...




1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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