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Being a US citizen and collector of guns, vintage recurve bows and slingshots, I have to say, slingshots are the cheapest to shoot and arguably the most fun.
I also appreciate the fact that slingshots are socially accepted & legal almost everywhere in the world, unlike guns.
The fact that there are slingshot fanatics like myself in the UK, EU, India, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America and elsewhere is intriguing. The connection we all share and mutual respect gives me hope for the future.
It's an amazingly simple and fun sport, whether cutting cans or hunting small game, birds and pests, we all share a common bond.
It's a good feeling knowing I could go anywhere in the world and despite language / cultural / political differences, I would feel 100% comfortable if I met up with a fellow slingshot shooter.
In today's world, that's a good feeling. :)
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