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I built two "starships" with big fork extensions recently but was quite disappointed with the speed/power from them. I have only done some rough experiments so far but I'd estimate that the big fork extensions resulted in speed increases of 10% or less. I have tried the slingshots with flat and tubular rubber, heavy and light ammo. Given that a big extended fork slingshot is far more bulky than one without a fork extension, I am wondering if the gain in power is worth it.

This evening I built a slingshot that uses the same fork and design as the starships but with 0 fork extension. My slingshots are assembled using bolts so parts swap easily. I plan to test this 0 extension slingshot and the two starships using the same rubber and ammo type to see how much more speed I'm getting from the extended forks. I'll have to use different length rubber for each slingshot so that the percentage stretch is constant.

Has anybody done an experiment like this? Does anyone have a comment on how much extra power you get from draw length extensions whether from starship designs or from roller designs such as the Combow?
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