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How to aim?

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I am a beginner and I was wondering how to aim. I know you could use the middle of the 2 forks but how do you aim to get maximum results? I know this may be a useless question but I was just wondering.
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Also, if you keep both eyes open instead of closing one the fork will become transparent
allowing you to align with your target easier.

This simple advice changed everything for my accuracy levels. They went from 50 percent
to a consistent 70-80 percent nearly overnight.

Try it you'll like it!
What if you use a hammer grip the bands don't line up.
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I use the middle of the fork (the center of the two points that bands tie )to aim .

The person on the picture is NO.1 slingshoter in china
Can you link us to any videos?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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