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Hey guys,

Well after completing a little natural I thought I would complete a tutorial on attaching tabs (how I do it anyway).

Equipment/What you need:

  • Natural slingshot/catapult
  • Leather of your choice
  • Knife
  • Contact adhesive
  • Vice (optional)
  • Ruler
  • Pen

1) Get your slingshot/catapult ready.

Gesture Wood Artifact Art Wood stain

2) Depending on the width of your naturals forks mark out, in my case 2cm (20mm) was the right size, on to your leather. The length should be approximately 9cm (90mm). Using a ruler and a knife, cut along the marked line. Repeat the process, one for each fork tip.

Ruler Wood Rectangle Material property Wood stain
Brown Ruler Wood Rectangle Material property
Writing implement Pen Wood Office supplies Quill
Wood Art Material property Font Tints and shades

3) Lay the leather on top/underneath the natural, and mark off a suitable length with a pen or pencil, as shown in the picture. Leave enough space (gap in the leather) for your tubes to fit through.

Hand tool Wood Match Axe Tool
Gesture Finger Wood Nail Thumb
Wood Rolling pin Tints and shades Wool Linens

4) Now you need to cut a strip of leather to wrap around the tabs, this adds strength and hides any fishing line or string that may be used to secure tab. This strip should be approximately 1cm (10mm) thick and long enough to fit around your fork tip. Repeat process, so you now have 2 strips.

Pen Writing implement Office supplies Office instrument Writing instrument accessory
Brown Wood Font Art Tints and shades

5) If all is going correctly up until this point, you should now have something that looks like this.

Wood Artifact Art Wood stain Axe

6) Now we need to begin glueing. Apply a decent amount of contact adhesive to the leather tab ends and the fork tips of your natural. Let this dry (this is how contact adhesive works). Join the leather tab and fork tip, aligning with the mark you previously made. Repeat for both fork tips. Fishing line can be tied on around the tab for extra strength and support.

Wood Gas Natural material Creative arts Carmine

7) Next you need to do the same process, applying adhesive to both strips of leather and the tab on the fork, let dry, and join.

Wood Twig Tool Event Font

Here is the adhesive I am using, It is very strong and has worked extremely well in the past:

Product Sleeve Font Material property Magenta

8) Now your natural fork should look like this

Hand Leg Wood Gesture Finger

The finished product:

Gesture Wood Pipe Metal Human leg
Sleeve Wood Gesture Artifact Natural material


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:thumbsup: easy to follow instructions with photos , i liked it . this is one of many ways to attach "tabs" to a slingshot .

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Thanks for the tutorial. Is it not better to wrap twine around the leather and then finish off with the leather round the forks for decoration and neatness?
Sorry! I must have not made it clear enough mate, I did mention about the fishing line (or twine) but didn't go into enough detail. Thanks for making it clear to other members

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Kinda a critical step for me. The wrap is just for show when I do it. I don't glue the tabs, just whip the tabs on with floss securely.

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Have you had a tab pop off yet?
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