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The first thing I do when fork hits (or injuries) do occur (very rarely now) is to analyse the entire cycle of the shot(s) that failed in such a way. A slingshot held in a canted manner relative to the flat bands, ammo not properly centered inside the pouch, and of course the release technique would come to mind first in this unpleasant situation, assuming that other factors such as good band symmetry were alright before a shooting session.

That target shot grouping in the first photo is excellent. Pain and the memory of it is always a major deterrent to simply carrying on just like before in any sport, and this invariably will lead to a cautious approach when starting out again: who wants to suffer "punishment" twice? The only answer is carefully reviewing what may have gone wrong, and to persevere while playing safe.

About five years ago, I came up with an index and thumb protection device intended for novice slingshot shooters, for whom an injury linked to a bad release might put them off for good from continuing with the sport. I presented this device on this forum back at the time, but surprisingly it did not seem to yield much interest. It needs some minor improvements to be perfected. It does not interfere in the way a slingshot like yours is held, and will not work with certain slingshot designs.

It may be the right sort of tool to enable you and others with a (legitimate) fear of fork hits and injuries to regain lost confidence, while allowing you to work on different release techniques and positions without exposing your slingshot holding hand to serious harm again. The idea is to reach a stage where you shoot confidently 99% of the time, and no longer need it.

It's quite simple to make using PVC, a few nuts & bolts, and some leather with Velcro. Photos attached herewith.


1 - 1 of 15 Posts