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So I’ve been shooting slingshots for consecutively for 3 months now and I’ve had my fair share of confidence downers.

About a month ago I hit the right side of my face 2 times in a row while learning full butterfly and got some nice kisses. It hurt like a son of a gun and had a blood sacrifice lol but after I regain my composure and stopped the bleeding, I figured out I wasn’t twisting the pouch.

Another time I hit my shooting shades clean off my face outside and it felt like God smacked the Jesus out of me. 😂 I’ve put a nice hole in my wall and almost took out my 4K tv.

I say all of this because that simple little tweak changed my shooting completely and now I basically lay the bands on my cheek under my eye and haven’t had any kisses since and I’m shooting way more accurately from 18 ft away. [email protected] happens but it’s all part of the dance man, you just gotta go back to basics step by step and see where you went wrong to make the small little adjustment. Don’t let those kisses get you down , You got it dude! 🤟🏾
1 - 2 of 15 Posts