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Gentlemen, Joerg and Tex Shooter gave some good advice in a previous post about flip style shooting.
I've been practicing with an improvised flip style slingshot (with fairly poor success) and about half the time I shoot it well and half the time I get a danerous ricochet (thankfully I'm only shooting with rolled up tinfoil).

With that in mind can anyone offer any advice on flip shooting , specifically?
1. What are the design requirements for a good flip style slingshot (J and Tex your earlier comments are appreciated)
2. How exactly do you hold a sling for flip style shooting and how do you ensure it gets out of the way reliably?
The illustration below seems instructive , my guess is that you apply pressure with the thumb that (once tension on the band is released) is enough to push the handle out of the way of the projectile?).
3. How powerful a slingshot could you shoot safely "flip style"?

Any other thoughts or comments welcome.

Illustration is half way down the page below.
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