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wish to give you some help.

i often test the leather tensile property and strong if i select the leather.i will cut it aoart a little with scissors or knife when i find a little thick and hard leather,then i will try to pull it apart with my hand.
that leather is suitable for making pouch if i can not pull apart easily,that means the leather tensile property and strong is perfect.later the pouch hole wil not get the bigger size or out of shape after i use stronger powerful tube and flat.
just throw it away if pull apart the leather very easily.not for making the pouch.

1)hand and finger strength maybe not enough,must put forth your all strength to pull apart.

2)different leather stripes on parts of leather ,so the leather strong is different when you pull apart on different pats on learther.

you must test on different patrs of leather.try to pull apart or not on it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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