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Howdy folks

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Hi guys,

Jaythedogg is my net handle, James is my real name.

I am new to the forum, unfortunately not to slingshots.

In 1997, a friend (at the time) & I were drinking & thought it would be a blast to go break windows with a Crosman wrist rocket from his car... Needless to say we got busted & they traced the 3/8 inch hunting shot all over town back to us. I got a felony due to the high dollar amount of damage.

Needless to say, I've done my time & grown up a ton, a father of three, married to the mom, 30 years old & a sincere Bible student (JW).

I was looking online for something air gun related (I frequent the Canadian Airgun Forum - - Good folks there) & came across the "Sling-X-Bow" & needless to say I was WOWED by it.

I decided I will join here, get to know you good folks, learn from pros, build the wooden version, then machine a smooth & fancy version, & share my experiences.

I look forward to "shooting" the bull with you guys, ttys.
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Ah you never should mix alcohol and slingshots,
welcome to the forum buddy!
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