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As a young trapper and game hunter at one time there were many occasions when I wished i had a slingshot with me. If you ever hunted in Colorado you can relate to the time when grouse and snow shoe hares could have been dinner. Or when your standing on a rim over looking a small grove of Aspen trees you wondered what was bedded down in them. Shooting a marble at a near by boulder might of brought a fine buck to stand up to see what it was. Now that my trapping days are over and my hunting days are numbered I made up a small light weight shooter that would be effortless to carry and certain that you would have it with you.

Made from Goncalo Alves it measures 3" from outside of the 1/2" peg forks. The measurement from top of forks to bottom of the grip is 4 3/8". There is just a slight touch of ergonomics and rounded corners to make it comfortable to shoot. And it does shoot quite well. It is finished with Pre-64 Winchester oil finish.

Wood Tool Natural material Wood stain Hardwood

Hand Tool Wood Hand tool Wood stain

Wood Tool Antique tool Hardwood Metal

I found a Don Hume handcuff holster at a garage sale a few years ago and made the sling to fit perfectly in it.

Brown Shoe Leather Fashion accessory Wood

Luggage and bags Bag Sleeve Rectangle Headgear

Even though it probably won't see much hunting and trapping I'm sure it will make a nice hiking companion down around my desert camp.

Thanks for looking. Comments always appreciated.



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